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O365 Weekly Digest - 07/15/2019

Every week I'll be posting a quick summary of O365 updates included in the admin weekly digest email that you can sign up for via the admin Message Center: - these emails include items posted to the message center over the last week and come out every Monday.


  • Microsoft Forms is getting automatic Phishing detection
  • Microsoft is moving to support Android version 5.0 and higher starting in October
  • Users can now now find their Office files from Outlook on iOS (Roadmap ID: 45071
  • Outlook on windows is getting an updated Shared Calendar experience (Roadmap ID: 26948)
  • Teams is getting a new send feedback option (Roadmap ID: 52884

    Admin Updates:

    • Intune for Android will support version 5.0 and higher starting in October
    • Outlook on the web is getting updated S/MIME settings (Roadmap ID: 52727)
    You can check out the full list of update below

    Email Text

    Jul 12

    New Feature: Automatic Phishing Detection in Microsoft Forms
    Microsoft Forms is a simple, lightweight app that lets you easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls. In order to make Forms a more secure service, we are going to enable automatic phishing detection to help prevent our customers from losing sensitive data via phishing forms.This feature is not available for Office 365 subscriptions in GCC.

    Jul 11

    Plan for change: Intune App SDK and APP for Android moving to support Android 5.0 and higher in October
    Intune will be moving to support Android 5.x (Lollipop) and higher in October. Update any wrapped apps with the latest Intune App SDK and update your OS or devices.

    Jul 11

    Plan for change: Intune moving to support Android 5.0 and higher in October
    Intune will be moving to support Android 5.x (Lollipop) and higher in October.

    Jul 11

    New Feature: Discover Office files in Outlook for iOS
    We are adding additional intelligent technology to the Search experience in Outlook for iOS by introducing a new Discover capability, powered by Microsoft Graph. Discover provides a feed of your company’s Office files connected to the people in your organization.This capability is in reference to Microsoft 365 roadmap feature ID 45071.This change does not apply to Office 365 subscriptions in GCC.

    Jul 10

    Updated Feature: New Outlook on the web - S/MIME availability
    Major Update: General Availability rollout started
    We’re updating the S/MIME settings in the new Outlook on the web. This update is rolling out.This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID 52727.

    Jul 10

    Updated Feature: Outlook for Windows previews an updated shared calendars model
    We're making changes to shared calendars in Outlook for Windows to improve reliability and performance.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 26948

    Jul 09

    New Feature: Send feedback to Microsoft Teams
    Major Update: General Availability rollout started
    Send feedback to Microsoft Teams is a new Office 365 feature. We'll begin rolling this feature out soon.This enhancement is related to Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 52884


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