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O365 Weekly Updates - September Edition

Typically, every week I'll be posting a quick summary of O365 updates included in the admin weekly digest email that you can sign up for via the admin Message Center:  - these emails include items posted to the message center over the last week and come out every Monday. However I was out for much of September I have combined all of these updates into a single post this month and will get back to weekly posts starting next week. SharePoint and OneDrive Updates: OneDrive will become the default save location for files in the Semi-Annual release of Office.  Sharing settings and access requests can now be managed in the Site Permission panel New Sharing reports for SharePoint Online ( Roadmap ID: 27034 ) Use Flow to approve Hub-site Joins ( Roadmap ID: 30552 ) File Sharing reports for OneDrive ( Roadmap ID: 56194 ) SharePoint Site retention policies and retention labels are getting updates Teams Updates: N