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Getting Started in the O365 World

You were once a beginner too

While it may seem like some people were born with a SharePoint silver spoon in their mouths I try to remind myself that everyone had to start somewhere and that everyone is starting their O365/SharePoint journey at different times. So even if something was first announced years ago someone may be discovering it for the first time today. Blogs and Twitter today are usually focused on what's new and exciting and sometimes gloss over very useful resources because "everyone should know about it." So while I love to talk about what's new and exciting, from time to time I'll take a step back and try to get you the information you need to have the best experience in the O365/SharePoint worlds.

So if you're just starting to get in the O365/SharePoint world beyond just being an end user you may be wondering how to get started, well lucky for you Microsoft has great communities build around the two great O365 tracks with different interests. The first is their Champions Program and the second is their Developer Program.

Champions Program

The Champion Program was created to help the users who want to get the most out of their O365 subscription from the productivity and adoption side. This group is focused more towards the end user's who want to learn about and connect with others. 

For more information on the Champions Community you can view Microsoft's blog here: 

To sign up for the community:

Developer Program

The Office Dev Program has just about any resource you could image to help with your O365 Development journey, plus when you sign up you can get a 12 month O365 trial/dev tenant. 

While the developer program is geared towards developers, there are also a ton of great resources/events/calls that everyone will find useful to help you stay up to date with everything that is happening in O365 so you can be prepared when that new feature finally does roll out. 

Here's a quick highlight of my favorites:
  • Microsoft Graph Community Calls 
  • SharePoint PnP – SPFx and JavaScript 
  • SharePoint Teams Community Calls 
  • SharePoint Dev Ecosystem (PnP) - Monthly Community Call 
To view the developer community:

Hope to see in the community!


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